Sometimes you need to compile historical information to understand what happened. When desired records are not available, our investigation, computer, and accounting skills combine to allow us to assemble required data more cost effectively and more accurately than would otherwise be possible.

Related Experience:

Representative Projects

  • Calculated the amount of money due to the state of California from a major energy supplier accused of manipulating natural gas prices following deregulation of the California energy market. We assisted the development of a model used to calculate the overcharge for energy during the damage period.
  • Performed large-scale data collection and analysis for trust accounts involved in a class action lawsuit. We gathered account information for approximately 300,000 account holders going back over twenty years. We identified account holders with multiple aliases in the system to identify the unique class. We reconstructed account transaction history for select individuals going back over one hundred years based on paper records.
  • Performed the forensic reconstruction of accounting records for a biotechnology company to determine whether the company fraudulently reported expenses to the company’s funding source. Our analysis included allocating salary and related costs between two different research areas (only one of which was supported by the pharmaceutical company) in an environment where scientists do not track their time. Searched employee hard drives to identify deleted files and analyses provided to adversarial party resulting in employee termination. We provided testimony in the arbitration which resulted in a successful outcome for our client.
  • On numerous occasions, reconstructed accounting and other business records to determine items such as (i) the amount of a defalcation, (ii) the actual impact of certain events on an affected business, (iii) the cause of a business failure, and (iv) breaches of fiduciary duty.
  • On behalf of a major telecommunications company, proved that refunds granted to users on its network were legitimately tied to original calls. Our client was accused of generating phantom refunds in order to reduce the amount of money due to others. We matched over 4 million refunds to almost 20 million original call records. Many of the refund records did not have complete data. Several issues arose from the difference between the way the original call was recorded and the way the operators would enter refunds that made reconciliation difficult. We developed a process to match the records and overcome the various shortcomings in the data.
  • Collected accounting and operations data from a major clothing company. Converted the data from an AS400 mainframe database to Microsoft SQL Server for analysis. Audited the manufacturing and sales data and reconciled shipping records to accounting sales data.