Project Description

  • Education: J.D. Harvard Law School Ph.D. Economics, Yale University;
  • Expertise: Corporate finance, employment discrimination, contracts, law & economics

Dr. Donohue, a Professor of Law at Yale Law School, has consulted and testified in a broad range of areas from antitrust and contract matters to civil rights violations and tort issues. Prior to Yale, he was a professor of law at Stanford Law School from 1995 -2004, where he was a William H. Neukom Professor of Law and a John A. Wilson Distinguished Faculty Scholar. He is the author of numerous articles and papers in a variety of topics including corporate finance, employment discrimination, and law and economics, as well as the author of the most recent book, Foundations of Employment Discrimination Law. In addition, he has presented his research at conferences around the world. Dr. Donohue is on the editorial board of many established law and economic journals including Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, International Review of Law and Economics, Law and Social Inquiry, and American Law and Economic Review.