Fulcrum provides a wide variety of investigations to help ensure that your business is treated fairly.  For example, you may need to know:

  • Am I getting all of the royalties owed by my licensee, distributor or other business partner?
  • I suspect that an employee, vendor, or business partner is cheating me.  How can I find out?  How much was stolen?
  • I am owed an accounting, but I am not getting what is required.  How can I obtain the information myself by reconstructing existing records?
  • I am potentially purchasing a business but need to know whether the seller’s representations to me are correct.
  • Paper records are destroyed.  What can I learn through computerized records?
  • My business and related records were damaged in a fire or other natural disaster.  I have business interruption insurance, but my key records were destroyed and I am too busy rebuilding my business to prepare the detailed claim.
  • One of my operating units has possibly prepared fraudulent financial statements.  How can I learn what really happened?

Our Experienced Forensic Accountants Will Investigate Your Concerns, Apply Best Practices to Identify Other Issues, and Be Prepared to Provide Expert Witness Testimony if Needed

  • Our expert accountants have substantial experience in performing a wide variety of fraud, internal, royalty and outside investigations.  Because of this experience, our fraud experts find things that others miss.
  • Our accounting experts utilize powerful analytic software which allows our work to be more complete and performed at a lower cost.
  • We have substantial expert witness experience.  If disputes cannot be amicably resolved, our accounting experts apply their significant courtroom experience to obtain a final conclusion.
  • Our fraud experts are tenacious.  Other service providers may not obtain needed explanations or important records.  Our background in litigated matters permits us to comfortably operate where others shy away.