What We Bring To The Table

Fulcrum is a financial and economics consulting firm specializing in complex litigation, investigation and appraisal issues.  We provide accurate, thoughtful and customized analysis, which we present in a clear and persuasive manner.

Fulcrum’s experience and insight provides the following advantages:

  • Our careful economic analysis and industry research, presented through effective witness testimony and graphics, gives juries the basis to determine proper damage amounts.
  • Accounting fraud and other financial investigations are thorough yet quick because our experts ask the right questions from the onset and tenaciously pursue mutual concerns.
  • The combination of appraisal research and deep experience provides valuation conclusions that withstand scrutiny, even for intangible assets, closely-held businesses and other difficult-to-appraise interests.
  • Our financial consultants know where to look for insights that provide proper royalties, insurance recoveries, and other payments due under your contracts.

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