Fulcrum offers a sophisticated interactive model that calculates economic damages associated with personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful termination, failure to promote, and other lost earnings matters. Fulcrum’s proprietary program delivers accurate answers and provides sensitivity analysis in a low cost package. Our software calculates lost compensation based on government statistics, economic studies, and market conditions. Additional economic inputs are based on Plaintiff’s demographics and earnings data such as:

  1. Future earnings and earnings growth
  2. Value of employment benefits
  3. Expected work life
  4. Present value discounts for future investment earnings

If needed, we offer additional services and customization to meet the needs of your particular case or local law.

Our Lost Earnings Model Allows You to Explore Scenarios for Settlement, Supported With Expert Advice and Expert Witness Testimony:

  1. By breaking the work into logical phases, you purchase just the assistance you need at each stage of the case.  Specifically:

a) Extensive investment in programming and modeling allows us to quickly and affordably determine the value of a specific case during the early settlement phase.

b) If you need a formal written report and/or expert testimony, much of our work is already done.  Our technology and first phases allows us to finalize conclusions at modest additional time or expense.

  1. The interactive feature of our model allows you to immediately see how various inputs affect the economic damages conclusion. This facilitates preparation and assessment of settlement offers.
  2. The deliverable you receive is easy to use, with all inputs in one place. This organizes the process, and speeds delivery of your conclusions/results.
  3. When compared to internally-generated analyses, Fulcrum’s calculations provide an independent perspective that aids settlement and improves trial credibility.
  4. We have substantial experience in personal injury, labor and employment and complex issues of valuation, forensic accounting, and a multitude of torts. Our personnel are adept at addressing your unique issues, and accurately incorporating requested customization.