Fulcrum’s professionals have extensive experience calculating lost profits and disgorgement damages. Whether the damages are historical or involve future projections, our modeling techniques and graphics are accurate and persuasive. Our experts are skilled in clearly presenting our calculations in trial or arbitration, and addressing questions raised in deposition or under cross-examination.

Our personnel have collectively performed over a thousand projects involving the calculation of lost profits and disgorgement. It is likely that we have performed dozens of engagements that are similar to what you are currently facing.

Representative Projects

On Numerous Occasions:

  • Modeled expected profits under a broken contract, contractual interference, or failure to fully comply with all contractual terms.
  • Calculated disgorgement of profits wrongfully enjoyed through a violation of intellectual property laws or other malfeasance.
  • Analyzed honeymoon effects associated with a new entrant to the market.
  • Analyzed impacts of lost goodwill.
  • Modeled expected performance of start-up enterprises.
  • Analyzed lost profits due to delays in getting to market or impaired ability to market goods or services.
  • Calculated lost profits associated with reputational damage.