Restaurant IndustryOur restaurant experience runs from large chains to single location, family-run businesses.

Representative Projects

  • On multiple occasions, performed forensic investigations involving disputes between partners/owners in which it was alleged that the “operating” partner was skimming cash. Identified evidence of fraud in some cases. In all cases, made recommendations regarding control improvements that would prevent future problems.
  • On multiple occasions, prepared business valuations of various fast food franchises – Clients required valuations for a variety of circumstances, including (i) expansion or refinance loans, (ii) litigation analysis, and (iii) reasonableness of purchase/sale transactions.
  • On multiple occasions, analyzed location goodwill arising from eminent domain or lease interruption and/or lease cancellation cases in which a bar or restaurant claimed compensation for loss of business, goodwill, etc. as a result of a forced move. These cases required identification and an analysis of the loss of business arising from the undesired change.
  • Analysis of profits earned by restaurants that use allegedly-infringing trade names.
  • Analysis of collateral value, collection results, and industry factors associated with a portfolio of franchise loans, consisting primarily of convenience and fast food enterprises.
  • On multiple occasions, analysis of lost profits caused from a variety of claimed interruptions and/or contract breaches – The restaurant types include (i) fast food, (ii) ethnic/specialty, (iii) affordable family sit-down, and (iv) gourmet high-end.