Fulcrum’s Ethics Reporting System is more complete than what others offer, and includes the following:

Exceptionally Cost-Effective

  • Fulcrum is competitively priced through use of leading CTI technology
  • No set-up fees or minimum contract terms.
  • $900 minimum annual charge for organizations of all sizes.
  • Rapid set-up and installation is completely handled by Fulcrum.  No investment, hardware, software or other effort is required by our clients.
  • Standard employee communication materials available at no cost.

The Best Collection Mechanism

  • Professional forensic accountants and experts in the subject matter handle every complaint.  Supervisors with up to 40 years of experience are immediately available for complaint intake of more serious matters.
  • Complete and customized information is collected based on the nature of your complainant’s specific issue.  This ensures that the real cost of the complaint (subsequent investigation and resolution) is minimized.
  • Complaints are accepted by every normal means of business communication, including toll-free phone, online, email, fax, and snail mail.
  • All phone numbers are client-specific; Fulcrum personnel immediately know it is to whom each call relates, and we will identify ourselves as your company’s Ethics Reporting System.
  • Online systems are client-specific; your company’s URL is unique to your company.
  • Complaint intake includes supporting documents that allow more rapid investigation and resolution of the complaint, as well as help spot frivolous, fake or fraudulent complaints by troublemakers.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Available domestically and internationally
  • Multi-lingual staff can handle the most common foreign languages. Immediate access to over-the-phone translation service for other languages.
  • System is universally available to everyone: employees, former employees, suppliers, family members, and others.  Fulcrum’s system does not require a PIN or code before a complaint can be made.

Complete Independence and Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality and anonymity of complainants is protected throughout the process.
  • The entire system is secure, independently maintained and monitored by Fulcrum.
  • To help ensure efficient and complete resolution, follow-up contact information for the complainant is obtained and independently safeguarded whenever feasible.
  • Fulcrum’s reports are individually drafted. We avoid the dangerous use of automated feedback mechanisms.  These run the risk of providing confidential company information to others besides the complainant, and can compromise the company’s legal response.

Better Reporting

  • Each complaint receives immediate attention and reporting.  Fulcrum will submit our report to the group within your organization responsible for that particular type of complaint, and is completely customizable for your requirements.
  • Quarterly summary reports ensure that prior reporting of complaints has been thorough and nothing “falls through the cracks.”
  • All complaints are permanently and securely recorded in Fulcrum’s database.  Each complaint receives a unique ID for tracking and compliance.  This storage has redundant and encrypted backups.
  • Reporting to your organization is reviewed for potential conflicts of interest within your organization before submission. Fulcrum does not use automatic computer-generated reports that might be sent to someone within your organization that is the subject of the complaint.
  • Fully compliant with IRS Form 990 and Sarbanes-Oxley Section 301(4).

Completely Customizable

  • Advice is available regarding complaint resolution based on the specifics of each complaint.
  • Entire process can be customized to your company as needed.