We (i) perform statistical analysis associated with class certification and discrimination allegations, (ii) assemble data relating to key factual disagreements, and (iii) calculate damages.

Related Experience:

Representative Projects

  • Operate whistleblower hotlines on behalf of numerous public company and private employers. As a result of the complaints received on behalf of our clients, we have the opportunity to consult regarding the proper means of performing an investigation, and the treatment of employees facing such circumstances.

On Numerous Occasions:

  • Calculated employment-related economic damages. The underlying allegations included causes of action such as:
    1. Wrongful termination
    2. Race, gender, age, sexual preference, and other unlawful discrimination
    3. Sexual harassment
    4. Retaliatory conduct by employer
  • Using proper statistical sampling methods, calculated damages and penalties associated with alleged labor code violations.  In wage and hour class action lawsuits, calculated economic damages associated with companies’ alleged failures to:
    1. Provide meal and rest breaks
    2. Pay overtime
    3. Pay timely
    4. Pay wages upon ending employment
    5. Maintain accurate payroll records
  • Accumulated data, prepared comprehensive databases, and analyzed payroll, time-keeping records, and human resource information. Provided information regarding the likely volume of activity that is the subject of the employment class action allegations. Performed sensitivity analysis regarding the same.
  • Performed statistical analyses demonstrating gender discrimination. Calculated damages using a statistical model of performance and what other employees were compensated.
  • Performed field observations to quantify the amount of exempt vs. non-exempt duties performed by employees who were previously classified as exempt. Conducted statistical sampling to demonstrate and quantify that the observations served as the appropriate basis for reliable conclusions.
  • Quantified the amounts due to executives in connection with employment contract terms. An exemplar case involving a studio head required analyzing market size and growth; and forecasting future revenues, costs, and profits for various entertainment properties.
  • Valued lost stock options forfeited because of claimed wrongful terminations.