Fulcrum is a licensed Certified Public Accounting firm. Our investigatory skills allow us to learn what happened, and apply that to applicable professional requirements.

Representative Projects

  • On numerous occasions, analyzed damages and causation of damages, due to allegations of accounting malpractice. Fulcrum’s work has been on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, and has involved firms ranging in size from the Big Four to sole proprietors.
  • Investigated a financial failure and whether the audited financial statements properly reflected the historical results of the failed company. Discovered massive financial misreporting and how the auditors failed to catch the problem.
  • In combination with college and graduate school professors, provided assistance to counsel in cases alleging accounting, auditing and tax malpractice. Evaluated compliance with professional standards including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS).
  • Assisted counsel in a class action lawsuit and criminal investigation of an international public accounting firm. Provided analysis, developed case strategy, prepared audit team witnesses for deposition and assisted with expert witness analysis.
  • Analyzed a financial fraud performed by a financial executive to determine the amounts involved and how the fraud was perpetrated. Examined whether the accounting firm performing a review met the standard of care for the type of report issued. Analyzed claims of consequential damages.
  • Analyzed claims that a CPA aided in the theft and breach of fiduciary duty by a general partner that defrauded a series of limited partnership syndications. Addressed damages by analyzing what investment results would have been under various scenarios of alleged wrongful conduct of the general partner.
  • Assisted counsel in a securities class action lawsuit against an international public accounting firms. Assisted in preparing the Motion for Summary Judgment, which the judge granted.
  • Calculated damages involving alleged malpractice by two major accounting firms relating to an enterprise that raised hundreds of millions of dollars from public investors, and then used the moneys for (i) real estate investments and (ii) residential and commercial loans.