Lost Health Benefits May Be A Shrinking Component of Lost Compensation Claims

June 2019 Lost compensation claims value the economic losses associated with employment that is eliminated, interrupted or reduced because of improper employment decisions or environments, personal injury or wrongful death, or other changes in employment circumstances associated with civil litigation.  In many cases, the loss of employer provided healthcare is a material component of these [...]

Daubert Challenge Threatens Class Certification

December 2018 While Daubert provides common challenges to the admissibility of expert testimony, inconsistent positions regarding its applicability at the class certification stage remain. Generally, it is advisable for both plaintiffs and defendants to involve expert witnesses as part of the class certification stage, to clarify appropriate approaches, achievable outcomes and/or demonstrate the strength of [...]

The Value of Higher Education in Lost Income Claims

September 2018 Higher education can provide a host of benefits. In certain industries, opportunities for increased pay are directly tied to credentials. Many assume that such outcomes uniformly favor additional education from a financial perspective. In a typical lost earnings case, many might similarly expect that the more education the Plaintiff has or is expected [...]