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An Ill-Fated Scheme and a Voodoo Spell

October 2020 Fraud lurks in dark corners and hidden spaces.  It’s often found where one would least expect it, whether a Ponzi scheme perpetuated through a religious organization or other strong affiliate network, a caretaker pilfering from a family member’s asset accounts via financial elder abuse, or when a trusted employee realizes he can exploit [...]

Wrongful Termination Claims May Invoke Whistleblower Protections in COVID-19

May 2020 The wave of coronavirus related litigation has already begun and will no doubt continue many years into the future, especially considering the case backlog that the pandemic has exacerbated.  As described in recent articles, areas of litigation include (but are by no means limited to) Price gouging Failure to provide good faith insurance [...]

Breach of Contract and Economic Damages Claims During COVID-19

May 2020 The overall economic damage of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to build.  Restrictions on business activity and overall movement via safer at home directives have (i) constrained contract participants’ ability to perform or (ii) impacted the business decision of whether it is reasonable to perform.  Those who were forced or otherwise elected to not [...]