Patent, trademark and copyright disputes follow unique rules/cases. To perform a comprehensive and credible analysis, the damages calculation in these areas should address a combination of appraisal, accounting, and market analysis issues – all areas where we are experts.

Related Experience:

Representative Engagements

On Numerous Occasions:

  • Calculated patent infringement damages using either lost profits, a reasonable royalty, or both. Reasonable royalty analyses have addressed the many diverse industries, including:
    • Automotive
    • Biotechnology
    • Dispensers
    • Display devices
    • Electronics
    • Hardware
    • Lighting
    • Medical testing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Software
    • Switching devices
  • Calculated trademark infringement damages – Experience includes calculations for lost profits, a reasonable royalty, disgorgement (unjust enrichment), and corrective advertising.
  • Calculated damages for copyright infringement using either lost profits, disgorgement (unjust enrichment), or both. Our extensive experience in the entertainment industry allows us to address copyright matters with greater authority.
  • Prepared business valuations as a result of patent disputes. Utilized the income and market approaches to determine value indications. Prepared business landscape analyses including market assessments, competitive analysis and revenue forecasts. Culminated in deposition and/or trial testimony.
  • Performed computerized analysis of the sale of firms accused of patent infringement. Calculated the value of sales during the periods of allegedly infringing products. Created databases of millions of transactions. Prepared reports showing the extent of infringing product sales and value ascribed to the infringing technology.