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Failing to Properly Manage Licensing Agreements Leaves Royalties on the Table

October 2013 A patent and license portfolio can provide a consistent and reliable revenue stream. However, many companies have technology, trademarks, and merchandising opportunities that are not fully exploited. Even if fully licensed, there is often considerable upside available via vigilant enforcement of audit provisions to ensure all amounts due are paid. Unlike almost any [...]

Getting More Money From Licenses

  Intellectual Property licensing is big business, and is getting bigger.  But most licensors do not earn as much as they should because they fail to perform royalty audits allowed under their license agreements.  The remedy is obvious, but is often not done for fear of the audit's cost or concern over disrupting the licensee [...]

Steps In Valuing Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, software, entertainment assets, customer lists, in-process research, etc.) is a large portion of the value of most business enterprises. When entering into any transaction involving intellectual property, you need to properly value these assets. This is easier said than done. This article cannot provide a complete "how-to" [...]

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Goodwill Valuations – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Because of the current recession and related bear market, practically every company will need to pay greater attention to its annual goodwill impairment test required under Financial Accounting Standard 142 ("SFAS 142"). Many companies performing an updated goodwill impairment analysis will find that impairment has occurred. In addition, earlier goodwill assessments probably need to be [...]

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