November 2008

Many times discovery is resisted or analyses are not pursued because of a misguided notion that the work would be too difficult or time consuming. The sheer volume of electronic data sometimes makes it appear that the data is too cumbersome to address. However, with the correct skills and tools, this initial perception is often wrong. We routinely observe the following in our business:

  1. Fulcrum regularly obtains and processes electronic data in its investigations. Often, the subject of our investigation has no idea how much can be accomplished electronically. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised.
  2. The biggest challenge in using electronic data is just getting the parties (both our clients and the subject of an investigation) to even try. Anyone who assumes this stuff is too difficult or too expensive may be missing an important opportunity.
  3. In dealing with electronic data, get help early on. The help is often cheaper than you realize.

Fulcrum Inquiry is a licensed accounting firm. We perform financial investigations, statistical analyses, and records reconstruction of large data bases.