Recovering Coronavirus Related Lost Profits through Insurance

March 2020 Business interruption insurance (also known as business disruption insurance) is part of many property damage policies and intended to compensate for lost revenue and related lost profits when a business has to unexpectedly halt or reduce operations.  To the extent suppliers or customers are affected, contingent business interruption or leader property insurance may [...]

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Business Interruption and Related Insurance Claims

Updated November 2018 California is facing increasing losses from wildfires, which create special insurance claim issues.  Businesses are interrupted because of physical damage to their own facilities, as well as to their surrounding communities, transportation options or the operations of key suppliers and major clients. These insurance claims are often complex, requiring the assistance of [...]

Claim Preparation Tips For Business Interruption Insurance

September 2012 Beyond the physical property loss, your business will incur significant additional costs and will not be as profitable as before.  Most businesses have business interruption (BI) insurance to address these risks.  However, getting a proper claim prepared and paid will likely be a challenge.  The tragedy that caused your business interruption may have [...]