Internet and Intellectual PropertyFulcrum’s experience in the high technology and entertainment & media areas naturally provided us the opportunity to work with emerging internet businesses.

Representative Projects

  • On numerous occasions, valued businesses whose primary channel of distribution is the Internet – Examples of such business include:
    1. Adult entertainment
    2. Retail sales of a wide variety of specialized products
    3. Internet brokerage
    4. Image licensing
    5. Software licensing
  • On numerous occasions, analyzed trademark infringement damages involving paid search advertising and other means of obtaining search traffic based on a competitor’s name
  • Served as the financial advisor for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to analyze proposals to (i) establish new top level domains and (ii) use the internet for new services
  • On multiple occasions in connection with class action disputes, analyzed costs for shipping and other charges for Internet sales
  • Served as the sole arbitrator for a software company with products that facilitate http programming – In this role, served as the advisor and tie-breaking vote for business decisions during the sale period. Calculated damages regarding certain activities, and the distribution of proceeds
  • Audited software royalties owing for an online storage business using voluminous access logs and other electronic data
  • On numerous occasions prior to ICANN’s adoption of the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy, valued damages associated with cyber squatting
  • Analyzed damages of an online business based on allegations that a CEO failed to fulfill his employment contract
  • Operate whistleblower reporting systems for a large number of public companies and non-profit enterprises, in part using the Internet as a collection mechanism