Fulcrum’s appraisals are typically used to:

  • determine a fair price when purchasing or selling a business or other large asset
  • substantiate a tax position
  • establish the fairness of a price between related parties or when negotiating a transaction as a fiduciary
  • assess business and investment alternatives
  • establish damages in litigation

Our Valuation Experts Hold the Best Regarded Credentials, with Extensive Expert Witness Testimony Experience, and Can Provide Forensic Accounting Investigation if Needed

  • Our appraisers have the highest credentials and meet the highest professional standards. In this unregulated area, it is important to avoid poorly performed work by taking short-cuts.
  • We have substantial experience in valuing intellectual property and intangible assets.
  • Most business and business asset appraisals rely on financial statements and accounting records. As a firm that contains CPAs and forensic accountants, we are better able to critique the financial information upon which all conclusions are based.
  • Many valuations are performed within a legal context.  If your appraisal comes under attack, our expert witnesses are skilled in persuasively defending their conclusions.