Fulcrum’s personnel have decades of experience appraising a wide range of businesses and business assets.

We also provide the following financial and quantitative services:

  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Corporate and/or Business Unit Strategy & Planning
  • Shareholder Value Analysis
  • Exploration of New Business Opportunities/Business Plan Development

A Sample of our Valuation and Appraisal Experience

Estate, Gift and General Taxation

  • Appraised the intellectual property of a large joint venture between two publicly traded electronics companies in connection with taxation matters in the United States and Japan. The intellectual property consisted of numerous patents, patent applications and associated technology. Appraised domestic patents as well as foreign counterparts related to specific technologies. Assessed the markets for each technology and forecast the economic benefits for valuation purposes.
  • Provided valuation services to the owners of a closely-held art manufacturing business for gift tax purposes. The owners of this business were gifting shares to their heirs and were attempting to minimize the tax consequences.
  • Appraised the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies of a large publicly traded telecommunications company for tax purposes. Valued the intellectual property (i.e. patents, trademarks, and company specific knowledge) associated with the technology. Assisted management in assessing the potential market for the technology and its uses.
  • Appraised the capital stock of a newspaper chain for estate tax purposes. Provided expert witness┬átestimony in U.S. Tax Court on this matter.
  • Prepared a value of a rail car fleet for tax purposes. Subsequently testifed on this matter in state tax court.

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Mergers and Acquisitions/Transactions

  • Provided financial advisory support to a seller of entertainment assets including completed films, producer’s rights, various rights associated with films, screenplays and theatrical productions. Analyzed each of the assets in question and reviewed their potential to generate future cash flow. Ultimately, our opinion of value determined the purchase price of the assets.
  • Provided valuation and financial advisory support for a corporate investor looking to convert its warrants into common stock of a technology company. Analyzed the company’s operations and its market opportunities and prepared a discounted cash flow model to determine a minority interest in this company. Based upon this knowledge, the client converted its warrants at the specified price and expanded its relationship to other collaborative opportunities.
  • Performed valuation support for an independent motion picture studio. Prepared analyses on its film library and current slate of films in connection with a going private transaction.
  • Prepared a business valuation of an entertainment production company for transaction purposes. The assets of this company included completed film/participation rights, television rights and the rights to various scripts.
  • Provided valuation and financial advisory support to a closely-held service company that was attempting to enter into a strategic joint venture. Analyzed multiple scenarios including (i) entering into the joint venture as is, (ii) not entering into the joint venture and continuing to operate as is and (iii) entering into a hybrid arrangement where the contracts did not enter into the joint venture but the personnel did. Determined the NPV and IRR of each scenario and analyzed the impact upon the remaining organization due to certain bank covenants.
  • Provided valuation and financial advisory support for a consumer products manufacturer that was attempting to sell the corporation within a Chapter 11 proceeding. Provided a valuation and prepared a confidential information memorandum. Facilitated the sale of this organization to a strategic buyer.

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Intellectual Property

  • Prepared a valuation of the intellectual