Bankruptcy and troubled company assistance can require a wide range of financial and accounting assistance. We have experience in practically all financial areas that these companies and their creditors need.

Representative Experience

On Numerous Occasions:

  • Performed a broad range of services in support of a debtor-in-possession and its preparation of a plan of reorganization. Typical series included:
    1. Assessment of restructuring opportunities, and steps necessary for such restructuring
    2. Valuation of businesses and business interests
    3. Assistance in selling operations or assets
    4. Reconstruction of accounting records
    5. Preparation of reports required under Chapter 11
    6. Investigation of fraudulent conveyances and preferences
    7. Financial projections
    8. Liquidation analysis
    9. Financial analysis demonstrating what is in the best interest of the estate
    10. Claim objection and administration
  • Provided analysis and expert testimony involving plan confirmation issues (both supporting and objecting to), including plan feasibility and the debtor’s liquidation analysis.
  • Performed appraisal, financial analysis and negotiations on behalf of unsecured creditors’ committees.
  • Performed financial investigations involving insolvency, preference and fraudulent conveyance issues. Provided expert testimony regarding these findings.
  • Provided interim management and/or interim accounting assistance.
  • Provided asset monitoring or other supervision on behalf of a secured lender.
  • Appraised businesses, business divisions, or major business assets for purposes of sale. When necessary, provided expert reports that allowed court approval of transactions.