Appraisal-Related Damages

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Fulcrum’s valuation professionals have the highest credentials in the industry; unfortunately, this is not true of many who hold themselves out as valuation experts and appraisers.  Our appraisal experience covers practically every industry imaginable.

Representative Projects

On Numerous Occasions:

  • Appraised businesses for litigation purposes. The following is a partial list of industries for which Fulcrum personnel provided testimony on the fair market value of businesses or partial business interests:
    • Adult entertainment media
    • Assisted living/care development
    • Broadcast television station
    • Construction contractor
    • Day care facility (both child and adult)
    • Drug delivery pharmaceuticals
    • Electronic component manufacturer
    • Escrow and title company
    • Environmental services
    • Film library
    • Film studio
    • Food processing
    • Gas and convenience store
    • Grocery store
    • Hotel
    • Internet stock broker
    • Magazine publishing
    • Manufacturer of pumps and gauges
    • Medical device manufacturer
    • Mining supply company
    • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
    • Restaurant
    • Skilled nursing facility
    • Software
    • Toy manufacturer and importer
    • Uniform and laundry cleaning/rental
    • Vertical marketing program
    • Wholesale distributor
  • Analyzed the business value of start-up enterprises. This work involves analysis of what occurred subsequently, market size, competition and competitive position, and viability of business plans.
  • Developed a lost profits analysis after quantifying the size and value of a yet undeveloped market.
  • Valued covenants not to compete and/or consulting agreement obtained through an acquisition. In each case, we addressed claims that the amounts received by the management of the acquired companies was receiving too high a value for these contracts, and that the amounts should be reallocated to the rest of the shareholder group.
  • Valued movie scripts, concepts, or other works in process. See other Entertainment Experience.
  • Valued the use of violations of rights of publicity and rights of privacy. (See our article on publicity rights)
  • Valued damages from adverse publicity, including product recalls.

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