Recovering Coronavirus Related Lost Profits through Insurance

March 2020 Business interruption insurance (also known as business disruption insurance) is part of many property damage policies and intended to compensate for lost revenue and related lost profits when a business has to unexpectedly halt or reduce operations.  To the extent suppliers or customers are affected, contingent business interruption or leader property insurance may [...]

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Helping Your Expert Witness Succeed

Published in Los Angeles Lawyer, April 2003   Expert witnesses are more important than ever. Most complicated cases do not settle until after the experts have issued comprehensive reports or had their depositions taken. This trend will increase because education had not kept pace with the continuing increase in knowledge, causing an ever-widening gap between [...]

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Improving Cross-Examination Of Expert Witnesses

Published in Los Angeles Lawyer, April 2005 In many respects, the cross-examination of an expert witness is the same as for other witnesses. Some basics include: Be brief…Do not quarrel with the witness…Never ask a question to which you do not already know the answer…Avoid one question too many…and so on. However, there are some [...]

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Improving Your Expert Deposition Results Is Easy

Published in Los Angeles Lawyer, November 2004 In the vast majority of circumstances, your deposition results can be improved by adding a few questions that usually challenge expert witnesses. Consider the following practical advice gleamed from hundreds of actual depositions. These questions should be modified slightly depending upon your deposition strategy. Before the deposition begins, [...]

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The Ten Commandments Of Demonstrative Evidence In Litigation

Published in Los Angeles Lawyer, April 2004   If you want to improve your chances of success, commit these ideas to stone. Then follow them religiously. 1. Keep it simple This is the greatest commandment, and the one most frequently violated. Too much information in a visual aid will confuse rather than clarify. Creativity does [...]

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